Walk 7: Art by the railway line

Where: Bang Khen

Duration: Depends on how you get there – the actual gallery length is about one and a half kilometres

Start: Bang Khen Railway Station


1) This walk could be the shortest in the series  – it all depends upon how you get to Bang Khen railway station. If you live in downtown Bangkok you could walk to Hualamphong Station and catch a regular train to Bang Khen. For example, Train 7 (this is the Chiang Mai daytime train) leaves Hualamphong at 8.30 and takes 30 minutes (usually to travel to Bang Khen – it’s two stops before the Airport. Or, you could catch a taxi. There are other ways as well – catch the MRT to Bang Sue then walk or taxi

For my International School Bangkok colleagues it is a nine and a half kilometre walk – 3km east along Soi Samakee; 3 km south under the expresssway; and then 3 1/2 kms east again, along Th. Ngam Won Wan, to Bang Khen.

2) Once you reach the station on the north-south railway line there are two galleries: the smaller, less impressive one lies to the south along the 300 metre eastern platform.

Maybe do this first, then double back and head north towards Laksi. Some of the works here can be sen from the road but to see the full range you need to walk along the railway line.


Keep an eye out for trains coming from both directions! Enjoy the art!

3) The work above is just a sample. Choose your own adventure to get home.

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