Walk 8: The Schematic Mystery

Where: Victory Monument to the River (and maybe elsewhere)

Duration: Could be years

Start: Victory Monument

A schematic, or schematic diagram, is a representation of the elements of a system using abstract, graphic symbols rather than realistic pictures. A schematic usually omits all details that are not relevant to the information the schematic is intended to convey, and may add unrealistic elements that aid comprehension.

1) Over the last few months there has been a steady increase in the number of complicated schematics appearing on Soi Lang Suan and Th. Ratchadamri

2) What we know so far.

  • ‘Schematic’ for want of a better description, began by using electrical boxes as the preferred surface.
  • Relatively recently, Schematic has started to use public telephone pods and bus stops for the drawings. Movement and communication seem central.
  • Schematic works under the cover of darkness and for that reason Bangkok Walkabout will go out on a limb and say that Schematic is a male.
  • Schematic is patient, has access to quality felt tip pens, is bilingual (at least) and is evolving as the next dot points will demonstrate.
  • Schematic has used a footpath for the first time and has used two colours – again, a first.
  • The footpath mural has a number of images and is bilingual.
  • And it is outside the British Club. Coincidence? I don’t think so!
  • pavement-theory-1

3) Bangkok Walkabout has decided to delve further into Schematic‘s purpose and modus operandi. So rather than follow Schematic‘s lead and head further towards the River, we backtracked and walked up Th. Phayathai under the BTS.

The news is we found more, though less developed examples of Schematic‘s work all the way to Victory Monument. But then….. no more as we headed north to BTS Mo Chit. And the works we did find are early examples judging by the faded nature of the patterns.

Bangkok Walkabout has commissioned a felt tip pen forensic expert to date the markings. We expect results quite soon. Once we have a date, we can start to track how fast Schematic moves.

What is more interesting however, is the Schematic has re-visited some of these early sites.


Above: Example of revisited work on Th. Phayathai (Feb. 2017)


Above: Example of an early Schematic work on Th. Phayathai (Feb. 2017)

So, if you are interested in documenting Schematic‘s work, please go walking to find examples around Bangkok and send picture, date and location to:


At this stage, Bangkok Walkabout has not walked Th. Sathorn or Th. Silom looking for examples. Also, does Schematic just travel roughly North – South?

Hope to hear from you.


Update on Schematic: new and somewhat different work found outside of Central Chitlom on the overhead bridge. Seen 20 Feb 2017…photo to come.

8th March 2017: Actually, just near the empty carpark (dispute unresolved) adjacent Central Chitlom is a hotspot for Khun Schematic – here are some examples.

14th March 2017: Ploenchit BTS

More work by Schematic

March 28th

Khun Schematic has been quite prolific along Th. Petchaburi….up until Soi Nana and then no more. Interesting there is no work up Nana either so we might consider this an endpoint / starting point. So the pattern begins to take shape Watson. Let’s recap:

  • male
  • 5’8″
  • bilingual
  • human figures suggest an economy of style (graphic artist?)
  • two definite end/start points (Victory Monument / Soi Nana / Th. Petchaburi
  • he retraces his steps – old work is sometimes added to
  • forensic analysis commissioned by Bangkok Walkabout suggests he has been at this for at least 2 years
  • prefers to create schematics on electricity boxes but also has quite a thing for bus stops. Has some work on stairs crossing roads (does he want to ‘cross over”??) and has lately taken to footpaths (Th Asoke  / Th. Surawong
  • has shown some frustration by blotting out some of his work (I have seen two examples only of this)
  • has written the name of only one country so far…..the Netherlands

April 7th 2017

More work…this time on Ploenchit, Sarasin and Rama 4 (only one small piece has been spotted on Silom). And why has the Netherlands been singled out? Another coincidence – I don’t think so!

April 22nd

Two things have come to light. Khun Schematic has started to revisit Th Silom with at least 5 new pieces as discovered by BW contributor Kara. Here is a new piece done in the last week on the North west corner of the Th Silom, Th Rama IV intersection.

May 25th 2017

Okay, settle down….we’ve had a sighting of Khun Schematic!!Khun Schematic

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1 Response to Walk 8: The Schematic Mystery

  1. n says:

    Interesting. I’ve seen these drawings all over– including on sidewalks– but never had any idea what they’re all about. I still don’t…


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