Guided Walks

Independent or guided walk?

The walks described on this site can be done independently. If so, please add comments and tips to the site to help us develop and expand each walk. Things change, places open and close. The old Chinese shop house of yesterday might now be a cool bar or art gallery today. Choose a guided walk if you would like company and the opportunity to talk in some depth about the area being traversed.

Kamphaeng Phet 21

Bangkok Walkabout offers guided walks for individuals and small groups.


The Walking Companion / Guide


I have lived in Bangkok for a number of years. Now, with a bit more time on my hands  I can expand my exploration. I’m a semi-retired Australian and live near Lumpini Park. All guided tours are in English.

Which walk?

Walks cover a wide range of interests including:

  • contemporary art / galleries;
  • Bangkok’s history;
  • the old city;
  • architecture;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • markets and more.

Pick one that suits your interests. Short day trips by local transport can also be arranged.


Each walk has an estimated time and best departure/meeting point. Bangkok Walkabout is also happy to meet you at a place of your choosing e.g. your hotel. Email to arrange meeting.

Check the estimated times for each walk and discuss with Bangkok Walkabout what time of day might suit best depending on the season. As Bangkok is a very flat city, an average level of walking fitness is all that is needed.


 What will it cost?

Bangkok Walkabout loves walking. So it will cost you nothing.